Welcome to KEOnline - This platform helps companies and Businesses to be Digitally Fit. Our dream is to celebrate businesses that have shown great progress in enhancing their Digital Fitness while at the same time work with Partners that can help Businesses become Digitally Fit. While Corporates may celebrate of having a Website, A Mobile App and Social Media Presence, we come in to help them understand the impact and conversations they generate online and how a general user views their Businesses. We believe Digital is Huge, we Believe its the Future and we believe conversations online dictates the success of a Business.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What Is Digitally Fit Awards:

This Award seeks to recognize and celebrate companies that have implemented the right aspects of Online Visibility. We strive to help companies as well implement the right digital strategies so that they can grow their Online Presence.



2. What is KEOnline

This is a search Engine platform where Digitally Fit Companies, Brands, and Businesses are hosted. It helps the businesses get maximum exposure while at the same time giving them a powerful dashboard to help them become more Digitally Fit. Companies are ranked based on which one is the most Digitally Fit.


3. What Are Some of The Benefits of The Platform

Well, this is a platform needed by every company. It's a must-have because it helps you detect which areas to fix about your Online Visibility. The following are some of the advantages.


a) It is a Search Engine - Just like any other search engine, customers can now search and find you easily.


b) Award & Recognition - We rank companies based on which is the most Digitally Fit. We then recognize companies/brands and Businesses that are Top Digitally Fit per category at our Annual  Digitally Fit Awards Gala Dinner.


c) Mini Website / Directory Listing - Think of it also as a mini-website for your business where you share details of how customers can reach out to you.


d) Top Peer To Peer Digital Marketing Tools - We are building something beautiful where companies can communicate to other companies easily through conversion channels Bulk SMS and Email Marketing while at the same time protecting their Identity, Privacy, and Data. Every business has a dashboard where they can send and receive inquiries through their dashboard while staying clear of spamming through our inbuilt algorithms.


e) Learn and Be Trained - The Whole Journey is a time of learning. From the Questions to the Inbuilt videos behind every video is a chance to learn about Digital Marketing. We have also partnered with Top Digital Marketing Consultants and Companies offering the same services to help you become Digitally Fit.


4. How Did Our Company End Up Being Here and On the Award List?


Through our sister Social Media website which we built as a Social Media platform to help businesses listed on this platform reach customers easily in the ecosystem. Palscity is a Social Media website built by Kenya and for Africa to the World. With 6 months only, we boast of over 1,000 people joining daily making us have 1Million users target by July 2022 compared to our current over 300k users. 


We simply asked these people to Nominate Businesses in each category that they feel has contributed on helped them Connect, Share and Discover. We used our 47 County Ambassadors who shared this business in their counties and Constituencies.


We then engaged Top Digital Marketing Consultants to go through the Businesses nominated and study their Online Visibility. Companies that they felt already had a good online presence were nominated.


The Nominated businesses then were subjected to a Public Voting


Though some companies did not end in their voting list, they simply used the expert's score to end up in the Awards list.


5. What Is The Criteria for the Recognition


This Award is not a simple vote and win platform. We feel such platforms never help the participants get recognised deservedly. This is our Criteria.


  • 30% is won through the Online Voting which continues throughout and is Tallied every end of the month.


  • 70% is a combination of Taking a Test on Behalf of your Company and a Digital Marketing Consultant / Experts Analysis of your online presence visibility.


Top companies emerging top has the highest percentage and ranks Top.


6. What Are the Timelines and the Events Schedule


It started by your company getting nominated by the public. We then had public voting which started on 1st December 2021 and ended on 9th December 2021.


At the same time, Our Digital Marketing Consultants were busy perusing your online visibility by taking a look at your social media, mobile apps, and website and giving you marks.


Both were Tallied and Succesful Nominees tallied and reached out to for the Ward Ceremony.


7. When is the Deadline for The Digitally Fit Award 2021 and More About the Event


We have reached out to all successful Businesses to Register to attend the Event - find Registration Link - the Final date for Registration is on 14th Dec, 2021 for companies that will have their trophies ready at the Event. All Trophies are glass and needs time to inscribe your correct company names. Late registrations past the Date 14th will have their Trophies available at the Venue but not written. We will write them later and Deliver at your company. Its through the Registration that we get your correct names for printing on the Trophy. Therefore register in good time so that you dont miss the celebration.


The Day for the Event is set and will happen on Friday 17th Dec 2021 at Park Inn By Radisson Nairobi Westlands at 6pm-9:00pm


Chief Guest & Speaker: Moses Kemibaro - CEO and Founder DotSavvy and Host: Alphonce Juma - CEO & Founder Palscity, Oracom Group, and KEOnline. 

Partners: Media Partners & Event Partners


All Companies Offering Digital Marketing Services eg Training, Web Design, Bulk SMS, Payment Intergrations and Anything that helps a company be Digitally Fit should reach out for a mention during their categories Awards.


All are Welcome - Come Learn, Unlearn and Leverage on your Digital Stregths.


8. What Next After the Event? 


This event will mark the start of the 2022 Digitally Fit Companies. The Voting Continues and the Taking of the Tests Starts. Since we are useful to your company 24/7, every day is a day of maximum exposure.