Every time you search, there are thousands, sometimes millions, of businesses with helpful information. How KEOnline figures out which results to show you start long before you even type, and is guided by your keywords to provide the best information. Even before you search, KEOnline organizes information about web pages in our Search index. The index is like a library, except it contains more info than all the world’s libraries put together.

In a fraction of a second, KEOnline's  Search algorithms sort through hundreds of billions of businesses in our Search index to find you the exact results for what you’re looking for. To help you find what you’re looking for quickly, we’re constantly evolving with new ways to present information.

While advertisers can pay to be displayed in clearly marked sections of the categories, no one can buy better placement in the search results except if they work on their digital fitness. However, KEOnline helps you through your digital fitness journey. We know Search can always be better. That’s why KEOnline engineers spend every day testing it, conducting hundreds of thousands of experiments every year, resulting in thousands of improvements for both the existing and the to come businesses in the future. 


Step 1: Visit - search for a Business. If you find it, claim it.
Step 2: Register on the platform or log in for FREE to access your Dashboard.
Step 3: Now claim your Business to link it to your Account. If missing, add it.
Step 4: Complete your Business Profile including logo, contacts, location, about, etc
Step 5: Take a Digitally Fit Assessment Audit Test to see how Digitally Fit your Business is.





  1. How do I search for my Business?


On the front page type the name of your business in the search box and click enter to proceed for the search process whether the business exists or not. If it exists go ahead to claim it and if it does not exist add it.


  1. What happens if my Business doesn’t exist?

If you fail to get your business, this should not be so much to worry about. You just proceed to add it. The search button will give you an option of No Results Found. Add the Business/Brand. At this point you proceed to add it. After adding it you can now do a test of searching it again. It will definitely appear.


  1. How to Register and Login


On your top right there is a button labeled Register.

Click the register button.                                                            

It will give you options to fill in your personal details as follows

-Your Full Names

-Your Email Address

-Your Phone no.

-Then you put your secret password then put it again for confirmation purposes.

-The last one you check the checkbox the confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions

Then you proceed to click Register.

The Registration process ends at this stage and you can now proceed to log in with the email and password used to create the account.


  1. How to Add/Claim my Business

After logging in to your account, on to your right there is a button named Dashboard.

Click Dashboard and you will see the Add my Business button.

After Clicking it, you will be asked to link your business.

You will be required to click the Link Your Business Button to claim it in case it exists and if it doesn’t exist you will be asked to add it.

After clicking Link Business, the first button on top is select business.

Here you will type the name of your business, if it exists you will proceed to click the add business button below the phone number and you will have claimed it. Then you will proceed to fill in your position and areas specialization. The email address and the phone number will be auto filled from your registration details.

In case it is missing, also click the Add it and it will ask you to fill in the details. Just type the name of the business on the top most button of location and the rest of the details from your website will populate.  Be sure to add the Category since this is the most important part for the purpose of appearing in the voting list according to your category. Proceed to add the Email address and phone number if it's missing and click the submit button to complete the process. With that you will have added a new business or rather your missing business.


  1. How to Take a Test and Rank

After logging in to your account, on your top right, click your name then Dashboard. Inside your dashboard, on the left hand side of your dashboard, click the Take Test button. It will show you all the businesses linked to your account and you can select the one to take a test for.

The furthest column contains the button for Take Test, Click the one alongside the business you want to take the test for. Immediately you click the Take Test, you will be shown the test packages button. The first one is Bronze which is a free starter package. Click the Start Free button to take the first test. You will have 5 question to answer under this free package and immediately you are done you will be asked whether you want to proceed to the next package or you want to finish and rank.

If you choose to finish and rank, it will be submitted but your ranking will only be based on 5 questions. This means your maximum score can only be 45 since your maximum test score is 15 and voting score 30.  For this package we don’t have an expert score. But if you choose to proceed, it will take you to the next ranking package which will require you to make a payment of Ksh. 5000 and your maximum score will be 70 since your maximum test score is 40 and voting score 30.  For this package, we also do not have an expert score.

Also at this stage you can either choose to finish and rank or proceed to the final rank which will ask you to make a payment of 10, 000 and will give you a possibility of ranking top since this is the only package with expert’s score. For the Gold package, your maximum score will be 100 since your maximum test score is 50 and voting score 30 and the experts score 20. For this is the only package with an expert score.



  1. How do I vote (Voting Link?)

Just after logging in to your account, on the front page, there are four tabs below the search button. Click the all categories button. Select the category under which your business lies and besides it there is a voting button which contains the voting link for all the businesses highlighted under your category. Click to vote.


  1. How to get the Expert Score for my Business.

As for this it is simple, simply take a test for the last ranking: ie take all the tests up to the Gold Level. This is how you get an expert ranking.


  1. How can I register for the Launch in my County?

Click this form here and fill it.


  1. Who added my business and how can I update or Delete it?

This is how your business got to be on this website.

-If you have been a registered business since 2015 definitely Google my business ranked you on our website.

-Or one of your employees/friends/family members interacted with our website and added you.


In case you want to delete it maybe you closed the business yet you were the business owner, you can simply claim it first then write an email to requesting your business to be deleted with the reason and we shall reply and revert with action.

In case you would like to update it: maybe the information provided is outdated and you would like to update it with the recent details, simply log in to your account, and then open your dashboard. On your left-hand side click. My business and all the businesses linked to your account will pop up. For each business linked to your account, on your furthest right-hand edge, there is a button for update click the button to update your business.

After clicking it, you have several places to update your business.

First, you can upload your logo, the second update your business details maybe they changed, Details like phone no. email address, Location, website, etc. Then proceed to the business gallery, this is where you can add random photos for your business. In case you are an online shop, proceed to add the links. Then finally update your social media pages.


For personal details, you can update by clicking your profile. It’s as easy as that.


  1. How can my business rank top?

The only way your business can rank top is when you take an Online Presence Audit Test for it up to the Gold Level. This is because it's only at the Gold Level that there is an Expert Score. Ranking TOP means more visibility for your business to your top, esteemed, and possible clients.


  1. How can I tag all services and categories for my business?

Simply log in to your account, open your dashboard area then add my business. In addition, all the businesses linked to your account will show up on your Businesses tab on your dashboard. Anytime you feel like taking a test for any of your businesses, it becomes so easy to do that separately. Be sure to add the category when adding a new business.






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