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Welcome to Insulink Kenya Ltd, your trusted partner in navigating the world of insurance with ease and confidence. As an independent insurance agency and aggregator, we have forged strategic partnerships with leading underwriters to ensure that our clients receive the finest insurance solutions available. Our advanced aggregator platform allows clients to compare quotes and buy policies online at their convenience. We cater to niche clientele by offering a range of insurance solutions, including Health, Business, Industry-specific, and Specialty insurance. Additionally, we provide investment solutions such as Unit Trust Funds and retirement plans including Pensions and Annuities. Our strategic partnerships enable us to tailor policies that meet our clients' needs, resonate with current insurable risks, and offer comprehensive coverage while considering our clients' budgets. At Insulink, we are committed to redefining your insurance experience by ensuring convenience, credibility, and customer-centricity. Trust Insulink Kenya Ltd to be your compass in the world of insurance, guiding you towards comprehensive and tailored coverage for a secure and worry-free future.

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Insulink Kenya LTD - Insurance

At Insulink Kenya Ltd, our business focus is to revolutionize the insurance landscape by leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships to offer comprehensive, accessible, and tailored insurance solutions. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with knowledge, providing unparalleled customer service, and fostering a culture of continuous innovation to exceed expectations and ensure peace of mind for all. Through personalized service, innovative approaches, and our unique online aggregator platform, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our clients, making the insurance process seamless, efficient, and effective. Our commitment to visionary leadership and strategic alliances with top underwriters ensures that we remain at the forefront of the Insurtech industry, delivering reliable and credible insurance solutions that enhance the security and well-being of our clients.

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Name - Mercy Otieno
Position - Founder & CEO

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